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Long Term Farewell?

I have never dated anyone on a “long distance relationship” but I can’t imagine how people do it.  The best part of being in a relationship is seeing the person whenever you want and being the happiest person when you are around them.  With a long distance relationship you never see their face except for pictures and the RARE occasion that you do see each other.  Talking is good yes but we all know talking to someone and seeing them face to face is a completely different story.  As I said, I have never been in a long distance relationship but I did however feel similar emotions.  I went to Nebraska this past summer and met an amazing girl.  The sad part of it was that everyone was from different states, including her.  I always had a smile on my face when I was walking with her, talking with her or even just sitting by her.  Then the last night there was a dance and we danced with each other the whole time.  The cherry on top was the kiss we shared as we were both about to depart on our separate ways home later that evening.  But the whole time coming back I couldn’t once stop thinking about her.  I guess the worst part of it all was realizing I would never see her again.  She didn’t want a relationship obviously because she just met me and we lived in different states.  The feelings I felt when I was around her were so different from what I normally feel with other girls.  I honestly would have tried the long distance relationship because if we did, there might have been a chance at encountering each other in the future under planned circumstances.  Thinking again having a long distance relationship wouldn’t be so bad especially when you think about who is waiting for you somewhere else and the fact of knowing that you will see them again.  My experience will always be a mystery to me because I will never know what could have happend.


Age doesn’t serve as a factor in most relationships.  However since i can remember, friends of mine and others have dated people 3-4 years older or younger than they are.  Is this number too big?  Should sixteen year olds be dating 19, 20 or even 21 year olds and vice versa?  Of course many people think this shouldn’t happen and its easy to understand why.  Sex obviously  along with the possibility of drugs, disease and pregnancy.  But let’s look at the spectrum from a different view. High School sweethearts as people call them have been together for as long as they remember.  But what about high school sweethearts that were 18 and 15 when they met?  My parents were 4 years apart and they married.  Not as high school sweethearts, but because they connected with each other.  Age differential doesn’t play a part when adults are in the dating world, but why is it such a big deal for teens?  If people have a connection with one another but are 3 years apart, they should be allowed to see each other.  I say this because in the end it is still a person’s say wether or not they date someone.  Yes, in the beginning stages of the relationship it is disgusting.  Seeing a young girl/guy with an older guy/girl makes you want to say something like “dude what are you doing dating a freshman?”  However the relationship is also their business.  I have never dated anyone outside of 2 years of my age and I have no problem with keeping in the same routine.  I dont believe anyone but a parent when you are a child has a right to tell you how to live or what to do.  Why do parents allow their children to date an older person?  Perhaps they know their kid is smart and knows what to do in a sticky situation they might find themselves in.  I would like to see most of the giant differentials disappear because as much as the couple might be “in love” the age will come into play eventually in life, as with my parents. The biggest reason that I can think of is that kids want to be older than they really are.  I know this from first hand experience with myself.  When you date someone a lot older than you it makes you think in the older mentality.  If I could go back I wish I could stay a kid because everything was easier.  Finally to top it off dating itself brings problems and if you are in a mature relationship as a freshman or sophomore you don’t have the composure to deal with all that life throws at you.  I know you can’t change people’s lives but I do wish that they wake up and smell the roses and realize that it is wrong.

We all know how it is.  You work so hard for something and right when you are about to obtain or achieve something it, it’s taken away or feels like an impossible goal to reach.  When your team is making the run for the playoffs you are on top of the world because its like watching your loved ones do well.  If they end up getting knocked out of contention, I along with many others feel like a layer of skin has been burned off my body.  Other people can sense this “pain”, especially when you bleed your team’s colors.  When you are wounded by a big loss or the playoff knockout, people can see the “blood” still on your clothing.  Sure people aren’t talking smack about your own personal self, but it still hurts like someone is disgracing part of your family by talking about your team.  The “die hard” fans are the ones that this affects the most because they know there is another season awaiting for them in the future.  Every team has to win at least once, because the sporting world, along with the real world that it is a part of, revolves very equally.  Sure there are the few teams every decade who will always give you a run for the championship, but there always seems to be the underdog or two every year that ends up squeaking by.  These teams are the ones that haven’t won more than a quarter of their games the year before and are all of a sudden running the show.  This just means that we should always stick to what team we represent no matter where we are or live, because who knows this year could be the year.

The Love of No Return

First blogs are an experience. It’s hard when you have never read one before and your english professor tells you everyone will learn about and post their own blogs about relationships.  What do you write about relationships?  To me relationships come and go, friendships change, and people and their lives are constantly changing.  Sports teams however will always be there.  Have you ever come across a die hard sports fan?  I’m sure if you have, you would know exactly who their favorite team is.  These fans wouldn’t miss a game, would do anything to get and keep tickets.  We love our teams so much we bleed their colors.  But why do we put ourselves through so much agony and pain with rooting for our teams?  Only one team can win the championship every year, and even then, what do we gain personally?  The satisfaction of gloating to all other team’s fans?  Wearing a T-Shirt that looks almost the same as all the others you have except for a few different words spelling out CHAMPIONS.  All the money that is spent on merchandise and tickets in a lifetime could end up being astronomical.  And yet we still are devoted.  We cry when they lose but would they cry if we lost a loved one, or got laid off?  I’m not saying abandon your team.  I’m saying that if we put as much love into our lives, into our true relationships, and into our jobs, a much bigger feeling of satisfaction will be met.  Why don’t we all confide in our relationship like we commit to our teams.  Stick with them when the times are rough and roll with it when times are soaring high.  At least the love will be mutual and actually worth waking up everyday.  And who knows, maybe the two of you can even bond over the wonderful world of sports.